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Accessing Obituaries in the Toledo Blade Archives at Google News

Obituaries for many individuals who died in Ottawa County have been published in the Toledo Blade.  Microfilms of most Toledo Blade issues from 1940 through 2007 are now available for on-line viewing through Google News.    These guidelines may be helpful in locating Blade obituaries:

1.  Determine or estimate the publication date of the obituary.   First search the Toledo Lucas County Library Obituary Index.   Prior to the demise of the Toledo Times in the late 1970's, the Blade operated as an evening newspaper on weekdays, so obituaries were sometimes printed on the same day as the death date.  Most times, the obituary was published on the day following the date of death.

2.  For obituaries after 1940, go to the Google News Archives.  Enter the obituary date in the date field. Obituaries prior to 1940 are available through the Toledo Public Library.

Be aware that, prior to about 1980, obituaries were considered news articles.  Many times, there were also "death notices" in the classified section.  These appear at the front end of the classified ads, generally labeled as category "2".  Many times, these were published every day until the funeral and information may be changed from day to day.  You should look for these also, as they sometimes provide additional information that is not in the obituary.    After the 1980's, all obituaries were considered classified ads and there were no longer separate death notices. 

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