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Ottawa County Obituaries - 1890's

The Clyde Enterprise
April 16, 1895

[Regarding Dr. Charles DeKay Townsend who died 5 April 1895 in Oak Harbor, Ottawa, Ohio]

Vicissitudes of Life

Dr. Townsend, one of the pioneer residents of the county, and for many years a resident of North Bass Island, committed suicide at the County Infirmary Tuesday morning of last week by taking poison.  The doctor was well known throughout the county.  He at one time owned a fine property on North Bass, and took great delight in beautifying his home. Reverses finally came, aggravated by domestic difficulties, and the poor old man sought the Infirmary to find a home. He was proud-spirited, and it is supposed that the humiliation was too great for him to endure. The remains were buried in potter's field Wednesday.

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