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Ottawa County Cemeteries - Old Trinity Church Cemetery (Bittner's Farm)

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from the 1874 Atlas of Benton Township - Hardesty; cemetery shown at top center

The existence of the Old Trinity Church Cemetery is referred to in the history of Trinity Evangelical Church of Elliston, Ohio, published in 1932:

"Church Cemetery - On July 27, 1864, eighteen men bought a plot of ground on the farm now owned by Peter Bittner, for a burial ground.  They all paid an equal amount.   The balance ($6.75) was paid by the Ev. Protestant Trinity Church of Benton.   The cemetery was to be the property of the church, but people who paid the required sum, even if not a member of the church, could use the cemetery.  [On] May 11, 1872 the old cemetery along the Toussaint [Old Elliston] was started by Benton Township.   In 1884, the cemetery across the road [Elliston] was started, and finally the old church cemetery on Bittner's farm was discontinued."

According to the 1874 Plat Map of Benton Township, the cemetery was along what is now Moline-Martin Road, west of Packer Creek, one mile north of Elliston.

There are about a dozen deaths recorded in the records of Trinity Church prior to 1872.   Some were noted as being buried at Elmore, others have no notation.  According to The History of Ottawa County and its Families, the remains from Old Trinity Church Cemetery were removed and reinterred at Elliston Cemetery.

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